What’s Causing Your Bad Breath? Top Tips From Dentists in Wimbledon

1We’ve all experienced bad breath at some point or another, whether our own or someone else’s. Of course, occasional bad breath is fairly common. However, frequent or constant cases may be cause for concern and may necessitate a trip to dentists in Wimbledon. You never know when bad breath (also known as halitosis) could be signifying an underlying health issue.

This blog is designed to help you identify the cause of your bad breath so that you can judge whether or not you should take further action.

So, let’s jump straight in, shall we?

Smelly Food, Smelly Breath

This one isn’t rocket science.

It’s no secret that some foods and drinks are significantly more pungent than others. It may just be that your morning coffee or your tendency to add garlic to every meal is the culprit.

Other foods and drinks to look out for include those that dehydrate you, like tea and alcohol, and those high in sugar. Essentially, caffeine will slow the production of saliva, which is crucial for fighting bad bacteria. Similarly, your mouth bacteria will feed on sugary foods and cause a bad smell.

Another thing to be wary of when it comes to your diet is… dieting. Crash dieting can be extremely unhealthy for your entire body and may generate ketones that smell particularly bad.

Don't Neglect Your Pearly Whites

Another fairly obvious one here…

It goes without saying that neglecting your oral health will inevitably lead to bad breath. Make sure that you’re using the correct techniques and not missing any areas of the mouth, as this can lead to a buildup of bacteria over time.

Don’t forget about interdental brushing. Flossing every day is extremely important, as is brushing or scraping the tongue.

Medical Conditions

It’s not uncommon for medical conditions that affect the throat or mouth, such as tonsillitis, to cause bad breath.

You should also be aware that certain medications could change the way your body processes bacteria, which could lead to gum disease.

There’s a pretty high chance that dental issues like tooth decay or gum disease could be causing halitosis. We would always recommend attending a dental checkup to make sure.

Sip Away Throughout the Day

One of the most common causes of bad breath?


You always want to make sure you have plenty of saliva in your mouth to fight any bad bacteria. Keep a water bottle handy throughout the day and chew sugar-free gum to stimulate saliva production.

Reign in the Smoke

Another no brainer here.

We all know nicotine is a big cause of bad breath, made all the worse by the fact that smoking will dry out your mouth.

Excessive smoking can also stain the tongue and cause you to lose your sense of smell.

Leave it to Us
If you’re concerned about persistent bad breath, the best thing you can do for yourself is go for a dental checkup with a professional. When you visit the team at Gentle Smiles Dental, they will give you a thorough examination and do their utmost to identify the problem. If it is a dental issue, they will recommend a suitable treatment plan to fix the problem as quickly as possible. We at Gentle Smiles Dental are passionate about the health and happiness of our patients and will always go above and beyond to make sure they are satisfied with their care. If you have any questions or would like to book an appointment to discuss your halitosis, please get in touch with us today. You deserve a happy smile!

Top Tips From Dentists in Surbiton for Teeth Worth Smiling With

We all want to feel confident and happy with our smiles.

We all want to show off our pearly whites, right?

You deserve the smile of your dreams, so don’t wait any longer! All it takes to get it is a few easy steps.

Keep scrolling for four simple and helpful tips for improving your smile from expert dentists in Surbiton.

To Smile Wide, Use Fluoride

Fluoride is a common additive in toothpaste and mouthwash, meaning you can find it at your local supermarket or pharmacy. There is a proven link between fluoride and reduced rates of tooth decay.

If you’re more at risk for tooth decay, your dentist might recommend using high fluoride toothpaste.

A Safe Smile is a Bright Smile

If you’ve ever considered teeth whitening, you may have been tempted by at-home whitening kits you find online, or perhaps you’ve thought about enquiring about whitening services at your local beautician.

As experts in performing this particular service, we would strongly recommend against this course of action.

Teeth whitening is primarily a dental procedure. Before performing the treatment with the expertise needed for the job, a dental professional can recommend the most suitable treatment option for your case.

While using a kit at home might seem like a convenient option, there’s no guarantee that it has been tested for safety. Home-whitening kits are often more dangerous than they seem. The high concentration of hydrogen peroxide in these products can cause damage to your teeth and gums, possibly even permanently.

On the flip side, over-the-counter whitening products are only legally allowed to contain 0.1% hydrogen peroxide, which is unlikely to have any lasting effect on the colour of your teeth.

Don't Neglect the Basics

A lot of us will have had the basics of oral hygiene drilled into us from a young age.

When you’re a child, it’s easy to remember how important brushing your teeth is. But as we grow older and have more responsibilities on our plates, keeping up with oral hygiene can become harder in the absence of parents and carers reminding us every day.

The importance of oral health cannot be understated when it comes to adulthood. You should brush your teeth each morning and night to avoid bad breath and floss every day so you don’t have any plaque build-up that could cause cavities. Maintaining good dental hygiene is vital for keeping healthy gums.

You should also be aware of any potential issues that could arise, such as gum disease. Many people notice bad breath and bleeding gums when their teeth are infected with cavity-causing bacteria; these symptoms can signify a much more serious health problem in the future if left untreated.

Leave it to the Experts

You can always count on your dentist to be there when you need them most.

It’s important to see your dentist on a regular basis, and you should always take their advice about what is best for your dental health. Dental problems are inevitable, but there is always a chance to prevent them. You might think that you can spot problems with your teeth, but in reality, they are often invisible until the damage has been done.

At your appointment, you can expect a thorough examination from the dentist. They’ll be able to identify any issues before they escalate and recommend solutions that will work for you.

Gentle Smiles Dental is the Place For You

You can expect a welcoming smile from our team when you walk through the door. We take pride in helping people feel happy and confident with their teeth.

If you’re looking for dentists in Surbiton, look no further than us. We offer affordable and painless treatments to keep your teeth healthy all year round. With our help, you’ll get the attention your teeth deserve.

Top Five Reasons You Should Choose Teeth Straightening

Top Five Reasons You Should Choose Teeth Straightening

The placement of your teeth is important for various reasons. Properly aligned teeth keep your mouth in the perfect shape, give you a flawless smile and allow you to maintain oral hygiene. Many people seek treatment for a better alignment of their teeth. There are several popular methods of teeth straightening, the most popular being braces.

Why Should I Opt For Teeth Straightening?

Teeth straightening provides many benefits for those affected by improper teeth alignment. Here are some of the top reasons people go for teeth straightening in Wimbledon:

Easier Chewing:

Misaligned teeth can have a huge impact on your bite, which can make chewing food a much harder task than it should be. Food that isn’t chewed properly will likely cause digestive problems and may induce pain and discomfort while eating. You can solve all these problems with teeth straightening.

Perfect Jaw Alignment

Improperly aligned teeth also affect the jaw’s alignment. If the upper and lower jaws are not symmetrical, it can cause teeth grinding and severe pain. Teeth straightening will eliminate this problem by realigning your teeth and jaw, reducing discomfort and improving your appearance.

Improved Hygiene

Properly aligned teeth are much easier to clean than misaligned ones. Properly cleaned teeth eliminate various oral problems and bad breath, reducing your risk of developing any further issues.

Increased Confidence

Crooked teeth can hugely change a person’s looks and may cause a big dip in your confidence. Properly aligned teeth can enhance your appearance and help you never to feel self-conscious about your smile again.

Prevents Oral Diseases

As mentioned above, aligned teeth make for much easier cleaning and oral hygiene. Oral diseases and unclean teeth can also cause other problems like coronary artery disease. It’s important to align your teeth to protect yourself from these life-impacting diseases.

Speak to Qualitfied Dental Expert
Teeth alignment treatment does not require complicated surgery and gives a permanent solution to your oral problems. Gentle Smiles Dental offers expert teeth straightening in Wimbledon and comprises a specialist team of orthodontists who can provide exceptional results. Contact us today to find out more about our services and speak to a qualified dental expert.

Keep Your Gums Healthy with these Vitamins

Everyone knows that maintaining good oral hygiene is essential for taking care of your teeth. However, it’s less common knowledge that your diet can have a huge impact on the state of your oral health. Of course, over consuming sugar can be particularly damaging for your teeth, but there are certain foods you should be aiming to include in your diet if you want to retain optimal dental health.

Vitamins are organic compounds that naturally occur in foods and help us to stave off certain illnesses and diseases. If you’ve noticed signs that your oral health is somewhat declining, perhaps assess your diet to ascertain whether or not you are eating enough foods containing the following vitamins:


You’ve probably heard people talk about calcium being good for your bones, but it is also essential for strengthening your enamel, which is the protective outer coating on the surface of your teeth. When you consume enough calcium on the daily, you will shield your teeth from decay and prevent cavities.
Most people associate calcium with dairy products like yoghurt and milk, but there are also plenty of options available for those who follow a plant-based diet or are lactose-intolerant. These include certain nuts such as almonds, brazil nuts and walnuts and leafy greens like kale or broccoli. You can also find calcium in tofu.

Vitamin D:

You’ve probably heard people talk about the importance of the ‘sunshine vitamin’, but did you know that your intake levels can affect your oral health? Vitamin D deficiency is unfortunately an all too common phenomenon, particularly in the UK, where the sun levels are somewhat unreliable. You can incorporate more vitamin D into your diet by consuming egg yolks, red meat and vitamin D-fortified cereals. This will help prevent dental issues such as tooth decay and gum disease. If you follow a vegan diet, it may be beneficial for you to take vitamin D supplements, though we would always recommend consulting a doctor or dentist beforehand.

Vitamin C:

Vitamin C ensures that your teeth stay firmly in place by strengthening your gum tissue. In the past, it wasn’t uncommon for sailors out at sea to develop scurvy, a chronic vitamin C deficiency disease that was brought on by a lack of fresh fruit and vegetables. Scurvy involves bruised and bleeding gums. If you notice your gums are bleeding more than normal, get in touch with a dentist at Gentle Smiles Dental so that they can pinpoint the root of the issue.
The best way to include vitamin C in your diet is by eating citrus fruits, kiwi, tomatoes and broccoli.


Phosphorus is one of the most abundant substances in the body, and it is mostly used to strengthen teeth and bones. It also assists calcium in its job of strengthening teeth. Good sources of this essential mineral include seafood, chicken, red meat and dairy. For those following a plast-based diet, you can also find phosphorus in nuts, seeds and legumes.

Contact Gentle Smiles Dental for Expert Dental Guidance

If you suspect that your diet may be lacking in a certain essential vitamin, we always advise consulting an expert to ensure you are taking the right steps to rectify the situation. The team at Gentle Smiles Dental is always happy to answer any queries and make suggestions on how you can improve your oral health. To contact us today, use the form on our website or give us a call on 02086293961.Gentle Smiles Dental


31% of the UK population have suffered from tooth decay at some point in their lives. Tooth loss is a prevalent problem that can have a devastating impact on your oral health. On top of this, it’s not uncommon for people to feel highly insecure about their missing teeth and struggle with once-simple tasks such as eating and speaking. For those in this situation, dentures could be an ideal solution. Dentures are a great option for those who have lost their teeth. They can help you get your smile back and live life with confidence! Gentle Smiles Dental has an expert team with many years of experience in the dental industry. If you’re interested in dentures, don’t hesitate to contact us today!

What Causes Tooth Loss?

Tooth decay is the number one cause of tooth loss, and it can have massive consequences for your oral health. A healthy lifestyle starts with a basic oral hygiene routine. It’s no surprise that most parents emphasise the importance of dental health from a young age to their children. However, as people grow older, life often gets in the way. When you’re busy and stressed, it’s hard to take care of yourself. If you don’t take care of your oral hygiene, plaque will build up on your teeth and lead to tooth decay. You should take your dental health seriously and attend regular checkups with a dentist. They will be able to identify any issues before they become more serious, so you can hopefully stave off tooth decay.
Tooth decay is a disease that can be hereditary. While it’s usually caused by neglect, some people are more likely than others to suffer because of their genetics. If you lose a tooth in an accident, don’t panic! Gentle Smiles Dental will help get your smile back on track with our emergency appointments, or we can arrange a teeth replacement treatment such as dentures.

Why Do I Need Dentures?

Whether you need full or partial dentures, Gentle Smiles Dental can help. Partial dentures are for people missing one or two teeth, while complete dentures replace full dental arches.
Gentle Smiles Dental has a simple philosophy – we want to give you the best possible service so that your smile can be healthy and happy. The moment you walk through our doors, we will do everything in our power to make sure that your time here is an unforgettable, successful experience. The loss of teeth can significantly affect how you feel about yourself, so natural looking and feeling dentures may help boost your self-esteem.

What Happens After?

The discomfort you feel after treatment is entirely normal, and it usually lasts only for the first few days. In a follow-up appointment, your dentist will monitor how you’re doing and ensure everything is going smoothly. Your dentist will be checking for sore spots during this appointment so remember to inform them if you’re experiencing any. You may want to avoid hard foods for a few days after your treatment because they could dislodge dentures or cause you pain.

Visit Gentle Smiles Dental for the Best Dental Care

We work hard to ensure that all patients feel happy with their smiles. If you’re struggling with tooth loss, call the Gentle Smiles Dental team today to find out if dentures can help you. You’ll be able to show off your beautiful new smile before you know it!

Cosmetic Dentistry

Are you tired of feeling insecure about the state of your teeth? Cosmetic dentistry is a form of dental care designed to fix any visual issues you may be having with your smile. Whilst they are generally performed for cosmetic reasons, many treatments can also positively impact your oral health. No matter your concern, get in touch with the expert team at Gentle Smiles Dental. They will examine your teeth and advise on the best course of action for your situation.

Smile Makeovers

A healthy smile can make or break how we feel about ourselves. After all, a smile can tell anyone what they need to know about your personality and mood. Hiding away your smile can have a big impact on how you’re feeling inside. Dentists have designed Smile Makeovers at Gentle Smiles Dental to combat your insecurities, improve your oral health and get you feeling and looking beautiful again.

Teeth Whitening

Teeth discolouration is an all too common problem that can worsen with age. Often, yellow teeth are the result of overconsuming pigmented foods and drinks, namely tea, coffee, berries and red wine. They can also be caused by genetics or neglect. Teeth whitening procedures transform your teeth by lightening the shade of your enamel.
So what does the teeth whitening process look like? Depending on your case, you may opt for boutique whitening, which involves custom trays that your dentist will instruct you to wear for an hour and fifty minutes per day. Alternatively, your dentist may suggest Airflow cleaning, during which your teeth are blasted by a solution of compressed air, water and bicarbonate particles. This will wash away stains, polishing all the commonly missed areas when brushing. At only £75, this procedure may be the fix you’ve been hoping for!


Sometimes, subtle changes can make a significant impact. It’s not uncommon for people to feel insecure about any chips, cracks or gaps in their teeth. Porcelain veneers are thin, custom-made shells that bond to your teeth and enhance your smile, covering any issues and giving you a brand new look.


We all know about traditional orthodontic procedures: obtrusive, metal, occasionally painful devices that are glued to your teeth for an extended period, requiring frequent dental visits and a whole lot of hassle. Invisalign offers a solution to all the problems traditional braces present. Involving multiple sets of clear, plastic aligners swapped out every fortnight, Invisalign is a fantastic alternative to braces that give all the benefits with none of the bothers.

Plus Many More...

Our list of cosmetic dentistry treatments here at Gentle Smiles Dental is endless. Feeling self-conscious about receding gums or an overly gummy smile? Gum line correction will sort that for you. Suffering from a cavity but don’t want an ugly metal filling? White fillings are the perfect solution. Missing teeth due to neglect, injury or illness? All-On-4 is a quick, convenient way of restoring your smile to its full potential. The team at Gentle Smiles Dental is dedicated to ensuring you get the smile you deserve. Regardless of your problem, give us a call today to discuss your cosmetic dentistry options with an expert. We will do everything in our power to give you the best experience possible.

Four Common Teeth Whitening Mistakes You Should Avoid

Nowadays, people are becoming more and more aware of their oral health and the importance of its upkeep. Some people look for added treatments to improve their smiles, one of which is teeth whitening. Your smile is one of the first things people notice about you, and many people feel insecure about teeth discolouration. So, people go for teeth whitening and make mistakes. Here, we will aware of most common teeth whitening mistakes.

Whether you are a student at a university, a bride-to-be or a corporate executive, the significance of a white, bright and attractive smile cannot be ignored. Your dental expert can provide you with a teeth whitening service to ensure the brightness of your teeth.

Common Reasons for Teeth Stains

· Overconsumption of tea, coffee, red wine, berries and other highly pigmented foods

· Poor oral health and hygiene

· Smoking and alcohol

· Trauma

Yellowing teeth can also be a symptom of ageing. If you’re feeling insecure about the colour of your teeth, teeth whitening may be a viable option for you. 

Prolonged Use of Whitening Toothpaste

Whitening toothpaste is pretty good for quick results. However, it isn’t always a wise choice for long term use, as it contains abrasives that can remove tooth enamel and cause gum damage if overused.

Overusing Whitening Strips

These strips are an easy, simple and inexpensive method of keeping your teeth white. But just like whitening toothpaste, using these strips for an extended period can cause severe damage to tooth enamel and your gums. Hence, it would not be the right choice for your overall oral health.

Using Standard Tooth Whitening Trays

Every person has different sets of teeth, including the unique shape of the jawline. For this reason, using one-size-fits-all teeth whitening trays may be a waste of time and money. Where possible, you should always get bespoke teeth whitening trays, especially designed and created for you to match your teeth and gum structure.

Not Consulting Your Dental Experts

Certified and experienced professionals should always handle the process of teeth whitening. Instead of trying DIY methods, you should always rely on your dentist to provide an effective outcome, as home remedies may prove ineffective for long-term results. Not consulting a professional for teeth whitening can be risky and troublesome for you. Gentle Smiles Dental offers professional teeth whitening services to patients who wish to get a brighter and whiter smile by removing stains and patches from their teeth. They have highly qualified cosmetic dentists and general dentists in Long Ditton, Surrey. Visit the Gentle Smiles Dental website today to find out more and book an appointment.

Emergency Dental Appointments

Accidents can happen, despite how well we do or don’t take care of our teeth. Injuries occur that can occasionally make immediate dental attention from a professional necessary. We offer emergency dental appointments for anybody who can’t wait for a regular visit. Your dentist can fix your problem during your emergency appointment before it worsens and becomes more serious.

Is my Toothache a Dental Emergency?

For the most part, it’s fine to leave your dental issues for a week or two as you wait for your regular dental appointment to roll around. However, in cases where your pain has become so intense that you can no longer conduct your life as normal, you may benefit from a more urgent appointment.
Toothache affects many people and is generally not too serious. Most people will experience a dull ache that, while uncomfortable, doesn’t massively hinder their ability to live their life until their dental appointment. However, sometimes toothache can be incredibly painful to the point where it can become debilitating. In this case, it may be necessary to call up Gentle Smiles Dental for an emergency appointment.

What Should I do in the Meantime?

Nonetheless, you shouldn’t take your decision to call for an emergency appointment too lightly. We always aim to prioritise the most desperate cases, which cannot happen if too many people call for emergency appointments. To ease your toothache at home, first try a saltwater solution. Mix half a teaspoon of table salt with eight ounces of water and swill it around your mouth two to three times a day. This should act as an antiseptic, effectively removing the bacteria from the affected area.
If you are still in pain after trying this solution, try some over the counter medication such as ibuprofen, or apply a cold compress to your cheek to reduce any swelling.

What If My Tooth Has Been Knocked Out?

Teeth can sometimes be knocked out, cracked or chipped in accidents. In this case, it’s important to see a dentist as soon as possible to save your lost tooth. Hang on to the tooth if possible, storing it in your mouth or a glass of milk as you travel to the dentist. Once here, your dentist will bind the tooth to the surrounding teeth for support. Your tooth should grow back into position as it heals.
If it is not possible to restore your teeth for whatever reason, your dentist will discuss with you the various teeth replacement options we offer here at Gentle Smiles Dental. From veneers to bridges, our treatments are designed to make your mouth feel and look as natural as possible.

Visit Gentle Smiles Dental for Emergency Dental Appointments

You should always make an effort to maintain oral hygiene to prevent problems with your teeth. However, emergency dental appointments may prove necessary if an urgent problem arises. Call Gentle Smiles Dental for an emergency appointment today to vanquish your extreme toothache or fix your broken teeth.

Teeth Whitening: A Guide to the Most Perfect Smile

The desire for a white smile is not new, but with the increase in the popularity of teeth whitening over recent years, this has become even more relevant. Not only does it give you that flawless appearance everyone loves, having pearly whites will boost self-confidence too! Teeth whitening is a great way to give your smile an extra boost. When yellow stains on the outside of our teeth affect how we feel inside, it can be because there are some internal causes, such as age or genetics, but don’t worry! We offer many services to help remove any unwanted discolouration from foods and drinks such as soda, tea, coffee, red wine etc.

If you’re looking to get the perfect teeth whitening in Surbiton, this blog is here for all of your needs.

How does teeth whitening work?

Tooth whitening is a great way to get that perfect smile you’ve been dreaming of. The chemicals used in teeth cleaning and staining, such as hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxides, will remove any old stains from your teeth!

The most popular way to whiten teeth is with tray-based systems. Our dentists recommend wearing the trays overnight, so you’re guaranteed excellent results! You’ll also receive some chemicals that will help remove surface stains while protecting your pearly whites – it’s like having two treatments in one go!

Your smile is the star of your personality, but if you’re not careful about how much time it takes to keep up with daily hygiene habits like brushing and flossing, then stains can quickly form on those pearly whites. There are many treatments, including Airflow Cleaning, where high-pressure water hits targeted areas around stains to remove them permanently!

How long does teeth whitening last?

The majority of patients find that it lasts for one year, but this will depend on how often you get your teeth cleaned and what type of bleaching agent they use!

How much does teeth whitening cost?

When it comes to teeth whitening, there are many different options for you to choose from. We offer Airflow cleaning at £75 with Gentle Smiles Dental, but other treatments may depend on your needs.

Can you have teeth whitening whilst pregnant?

While it’s never too late to get your teeth whitened, pregnant women should wait until after birth before doing so. However, if you’re willing and able enough, then, by all means, go ahead. However, ensure it is done by a professional! Don’t attempt at-home treatments, or they could cause damage that would require more work to come later.

Should I get my teeth whitened?

Want to feel more confident within yourself? Get teeth whitening in Surbiton and have a beautiful smile! We consistently achieve outstanding results; the treatment is safe and easy on patients’ sensitivities. You’ll leave feeling happy with your decision because it’s affordable without being too expensive or time-consuming.


How to Choose Your Dentist: Key Factors to Keep in Mind

When it comes to choosing a good dentist, there are many factors to consider. A good dentist always advises patients on the best ways to maintain good oral health and reduce the risk of severe dental problems.

Whilst there are many dental clinics in Surbiton and the adjoining areas from which to choose, you must consider your options thoroughly before deciding on the right practice for you. Here are some things to keep in mind when making your selection:

Vital Points to Check For When Choosing a Dentist

Experience and Reputation

A good dentist must have vast experience in dental care and surgery. Their expertise will allow them to diagnose and offer an appropriate solution to any issues you may be having. Checking the dentist’s reputation is also crucial to ensure that you receive the best service possible from a trusted clinic.

Certification and License

It is essential only to consult certified and licensed dental experts. Their certification and license are proof of their ability, skill and experience as a professional dental care specialist. Providing they meet the legal qualification standards, you can rest assured that your dental care is in good hands. 

Advanced Technologies and Tools

A dental clinic with outdated tools and techniques cannot provide the most advanced and effective treatments. Choosing a dental practice that uses modern equipment and methods will ensure that you are examined, diagnosed and treated in the most effective and efficient way possible.

Range of Treatments

Dentistry is an umbrella term that covers many divisions. From general dental care to surgery and cosmetic dentistry, a good clinic should offer a vast range of dental services. Make sure to check the treatments available to you before booking your appointment with a practice.

Friendly Nature

Many people find dental checkups or treatments stressful due to the prospect of pain. A dentist must always be welcoming enough to make their patients feel comfortable and confident about any procedure they may be undergoing. This will make the job of both the patient and the dentist significantly easier.

Get the Right Dental Treatment

Gentle Smiles Dental is a team of  reputable dentists in Surbiton. Our clinic comprises friendly staff and highly qualified dental experts offering an extensive range of cosmetic, general and specialist dentistry.

Please get in touch with our team to book your appointment today.