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Patient Complaints Procedure

Here at our practice, we always strive to maintain the highest level of satisfaction for patients and staff. When you visit us or call in with any concerns about your medical treatment, it’s essential that each one feels respected by how they are treated; whether towards themselves as complainants/survivors and in a chilled-out environment where people feel comfortable raising issues without fear, this ensures grievance free healthcare! We take patient feedback very seriously, which helps us improve upon what needs fixing while also preventing future problems through learning from past mistakes made along life’s journey.

We are always happy to hear feedback from our customers. If there is anything we can do better, please let us know! You have the right and power in this situation as well.

The Complaints Manager will thoroughly investigate any written complaint within 24 hours and respond in writing as soon as possible.

If the Complaints Manager is unavailable, we will take brief details about your complaint and arrange for a meeting when you’re next available. We’ll keep comprehensive records of our discussion, which are only accessible to those who need them to know about the situation.

The Complaints Manager will inform you of the reason for any delays in processing your complaint and what they’re doing to investigate.

When the investigation has been completed, we will be in touch with information on what happened and any solutions that could help. These may include replacing treatment or refunding your fees, but don’t worry! You’ll also receive referrals for other specialist providers who can provide an even better service at no cost whatsoever.

We welcome your feedback, comments and complaints to help us improve our services.