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Here at Gentle Smiles Dental, we believe that having a healthy smile can help you in all facets of life. It’s very common for yellow, misaligned or crooked teeth to cause a lack of confidence, which is the last thing we want for our patients. Our talented team are committed to ensuring your teeth remain strong for years to come. We provide plans customised just for you, whether you’re in need of a complete restoration or just a subtle change. With a smile makeover at Gentle Smiles Dental, you can rest assured knowing that your teeth will remain beautiful for years to come!

What types of Smile Makeovers Are on Offer?

Your smile is one of the first things people notice about you. Here at Gentle Smiles Dental, we have dealt with countless dental issues from a huge range of patients, meaning we are well equipped to fix any problem you might be facing. Our smile makeover options are numerous, from non-invasive, single appointment treatments like composite bonding to more extensive procedures such as Invisalign. Whether you’re looking to whiten your smile with boutique whitening, fill in any chipped teeth with veneers or even fix your gummy smile with gum line correction, we’ve got the tools to help you. 

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What Can a Smile Makeover Do For me?

Smile Makeover

Here’s just several of the things a smile makeover can do for you:

  • Immediately improve your smile and facial structure by giving you the appearance of fuller lips and cheeks
  • Enhance your facial symmetry and straightness
  • Repair decayed, fractured or cracked teeth
  • Fill gaps by replacing missing teeth
  • Eliminate yellow, stained or discoloured teeth 
  • Realign crooked or protruding teeth
  • Correct tooth spacing and alignment
  • Re-contour gummy grins
  • Reestablish balance
  • And much more!


Investing in your dental care is about more than just your oral health. It’s about confidence, self-love and self-care. With a smile makeover, feeling insecure about the state of your teeth will be a thing of the past. You will never feel the need to smile with your mouth closed again!
Moreover, our smile makeovers can be life-changing when it comes to the functionality of your mouth. Dental issues can cause a whole host of problems when it comes to things like eating, speaking and smiling. Our procedures are designed to restore your teeth so that you can go about your daily life with confidence in their ability to function properly.

Smile makeover
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