It is imperative that you don’t overlook the importance of regular dental visits in Surbiton. It’s very common in adulthood to let dental visits slip further and further down your list of priorities as life and work get in the way. Here at Gentle Smiles Dental, we value all aspects of your health and want all of our patients to take the utmost care of their teeth in order to avoid dental complications. Especially when you’re busy, it’s easy for dental issues to be swept under the radar when you haven’t been examined by a professional. Visiting a dentist every six months or as advised to do so by your dentist means that these issues can be identified and dealt with accordingly before they become any more severe than they have to be.

The examination process

Our regular checkups at Gentle Smiles Dental involve a thorough examination of the teeth and gums, during which time your dentist will check for the presence of cavities, plaque, tartar and gum disease. All of these issues can turn significantly more sinister if they are left untreated, which is why it is important to identify and amend them as soon as possible. Arguably the scariest of the bunch are cavities, which can lead to tooth decay or even tooth loss if they are left untended to. Plaque is a sticky bacteria that forms on the surface of your teeth. While much of it can be removed via basic oral hygiene methods, it can harden over time and become tartar, which requires specialist equipment to remove. If it is not removed, tartar could lead to the development of various oral diseases. Your dentist will check for unhealthy gums by measuring the space between them. Shallow gums are generally of good health, whereas wider gums could indicate problems.

what are the benefits of regular dental visits in surbiton?

We can’t overemphasise the importance of regular dental visits in Surbiton. Serious dental issues go unnoticed and untreated every day by people who neglect to attend their checkups. Here at Gentle Smiles Dental, we care deeply about our patients’ oral health and will do everything in our power to make sure their teeth and gums are kept in tip-top condition. Dental problems that are identified early are generally much easier to fix than those that are left neglected until they escalate. That’s why it’s so important to receive regular examinations from a professional. Even problems such as bad breath can indicate a more serious underlying issue, which the expert team of best dentists in Surbiton here at Gentle Smiles Dental can identify and amend if needed. 

You may think the basics of oral hygiene are fairly obvious, but by attending your dentists regularly, you will receive personalised advice from your dentist tailored towards your specific oral condition, as well as recommendations for appropriate treatments.
Attending the dentist on a regular basis can also be highly beneficial to your confidence, as it is not uncommon for dental issues such as yellow or misaligned teeth to cause insecurities. We will fix any problem you have and send you on your way to the perfect smile in no time at all.

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If the prospect of payment is holding you back, don’t worry! Here at Gentle Smiles Dental, we think everyone deserves to have the perfect smile. That’s why we offer payment plans on our treatments, which will allow you to split the cost up into more manageable chunks over an extended period. So why wait any longer? Book your appointment with Gentle Smiles Dental today.

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